November was another very dull month with little consistent sunshine until the last two days. When the Met Office publish the sunshine hours stats, we’ll update this post with that information. But it wouldn’t be a massive surprise if this turned out to be one of the dullest November in North East England.

With the lack of sunshine in mind, only just over 100 kWh of solar energy was generated, so most of our savings this month came from the Octopus Go super-cheap off-peak electricity we charged into the combine 144 kWh batteries of the Tesla Model X, the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Powerwall domestic energy storage. As usual, the petrol we didn’t have to buy to cover the mileage we drove in the EVs was a major contribution.

In headline summary, the headline performance result in November 2019 was a saving of £506, and 759 kg of CO2 emissions avoided. the detailed monthly performance report can be downloaded by clicking the image at the end of this page. The key numbers were as follows.

  • £228 cost of electricity savings versus UK average cost on total consumption of 2,252 kWh.
  • £278 saved versus cost of petrol, to cover the 1,756 miles we charged to our cars using 100% renewably-generated electricity.
  • 405 kg CO2 emissions avoided by using 100% renewably-generated electricity.
  • 354 kg CO2 emissions avoided by charging 1,756 miles of motoring using 100% renewably-generated electricity.

Also as usual, here are the referral links to Octopus Energy and Tesla if you want to start making these kind of savings yourself. See the links page for details about how the referral links work and the benefits both you and we receive.

November 2019 System Performance Report

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