January 2020 Performance Report

January in Northumberland is never a good month for solar panels. The earth does the tilting on its axis thing, which means the sun barely creeps above the horizon, except for a couple of hours around midday. In short, one does not feel particularly illuminated in January.

And, speaking of a lack of enlightenment, January 2020 finally inflicted Brexit upon the UK. It remains to be seen what the effects will be in GreenTech and sustainability. So far, the Government is making all the right noises about pressing ahead towards Net Zero by 2050. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, on the much smaller scale of photons hitting our roof and electrons getting stored in the domestic battery, the two EVs and the eBike, only 67.3 hours of sunshine in January 2020 meant that we were once again, as in December, heavily reliant on the Octopus Energy Time Of Use Tariff to fill up the various batteries with cheapo energy in the dead of night. Click the button below if you’d also like to sign for 5p/kWh electricity sluiced into your EV or domestic storage battery in the small hours.

The detailed report (PDF) can be downloaded by clicking the image at the end of this page. Headline figures for the month are.

  • £217 in the month saving on electricity purchase costs, compared to UK average kWh price.
  • £256 fuel cost avoid by not having to buy petrol or diesel for 1,712 miles of motoring.
  • 770 kg of CO2 emissions avoided in total including domestic electricity sourced from zero emissions supplier and zero emissions motoring.
January 2020 Monthly Performance Report