This page provides connections to specialist advisers and installers of solar equipment, storage batteries and associated equipment.

Expert advice from the authors of this website

Starting ‘close to home’, we have ourselves, of course, done a shed load of research, and have deep understanding of the real world practicalities and financial costs and benefits of Electrifying Your Life.

Alan James is a highly experienced consultant, having provided advice to Heads of Government and major businesses. His CV is available here.

If you’re asking “what do I need to make it all work?” Alan can provide independent advice from the perspective of an extremely well-informed user. His expertise covers everything from specifying a system to meet defined objectives, capital cost and payback, plus benefits maximisation from domestic energy saving and the (massive) tax and cost-saving benefits driving electric cars.

Through our consulting business, Expert Alliance, we are happy to arrange package of advice to suit your particular requirements. Please email Alan to establish contact.

Installers and technical specialists

Steve Duckworth Electricals installed our new solar panels, Powerwall and Zappi, and also integrated all of these items with the inverter for our existing solar arrays and with the grid export limiter. Steve’s ability to make complex electrical work appear simple was essential in enabling us to Electrify Our Lives. Similarly, his expertise (and patience!) as we synced the whole thing with the car and battery sides of the Tesla App, two solar monitoring Apps, and with the Zappi control app was invaluable.

We would unhesitatingly recommend Steve Duckworth Electrical Ltd to anybody installing solar panels, storage batteries and EV charging points. Please use the form below to contact Steve.

Other independent experts

This section will be updated over time to with links to other independent experts in the field.