We’re Anne, Alan and Emily, a family from Northumberland, England. Anne’s a ceramic artist. Alan leads big transport projects and knows quite a bit about GreenTech. Emily’s now at University, studying Medicine. We’re making a serious effort to go green: lots of solar panels on the roof, a big battery to store solar energy for later use, and two electric cars.

We’ve learnt loads of useful stuff as we’ve gone along, including that it’s actually possible to save money and save the planet. So we’ve decided to publish this website to share practical advice and helpful links with anybody else who’s thinking of doing something similar. We’re including…

  1. Kit : Information about the equipment we have installed, and on how we use it to radically reduce the energy we use and the cost we pay.
  2. Money : Information on the cost of our installation and how quickly it will be paid back.
  3. Performance : Monthly updates on the energy and financial savings our system is making, in order to demonstrate the benefits which can be achieved in real-world use.
  4. Links : suppliers we have used to electrify our lives, whose products you may find useful.
  5. Experts : A page providing links to experts in the field providing independent advice and specialist services.

For us, Electrifying Your Life means:-

  • Using 100% renewably-generated electricity instead of fossil fuels to power as much of your life as possible.
  • Generating as much as you can yourself from solar (or other renewable sources) and using it locally, thereby reducing the need for electricity from the grid.
  • If there’s a shortfall between the energy you can generate and the energy you need, then buy only renewably-generated electricity from a grid-connected supplier.
  • And doing all of this at the lowest possible cost, to generate actual hard cash savings.

Ultimately, it’s probably the last point that’s most important. The world is full of people with good intentions to solve the Climate Crisis. But it’s likely that most of them won’t make the necessary radical changes until it can be demonstrated that they’ll actually be financially better off when they do.

So the purpose of this website is to prove, with hard data from our own real-world experience, that it is possible to Save Money and help Save The Planet.

If you’d like bespoke, personal, advice on how to define and optimise a system to suit your specific requirements, please email Alan to discuss.

For amusement, we’ve also included some stuff which takes a Big Picture view of the whole thing.