One year, one household: 25 tonnes of CO2 eliminated; £19,000 energy cost saved

Full year data for our energy performance is complete: the results were extraordinary. It really is possible to Electrify Your Life, Save Loads Of Money, And Save The Planet. We have published the results, along with lots of practical advice on what equipment we installed and how we operated it to achieve over £19,000 in energy cost savings and eliminated over 25 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Annual Performance Report

So we’ve finally got a full 12 months of data. And we’re very pleased with the results.

Around £5,000 in financial savings.

Over 6 tonnes CO2 emissions avoided.

Over 16,000 miles range charged into our electric cars at home.

Click the image below for the full report, available to view or download as a PDF (16MB)

Annual Performance Summary

If you wish to indulge your inner ElectroGeek, you may be interested in the fully detailed month by month performance reports. We have published this level of detail roughly every month on these blog pages. We have now collated the information into a single PDF, which is available to view or download here. Beware, it’s a large file (c. 55MB) so it may take some time to appear.