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Evergreen are one of the most experienced companies in the UK in the design, supply and installation of heat pumps. The system Evergreen supplied and fitted in our home is producing thousands of pounds in financial savings, compared to our previous oil-fired boiler, and it is slashing our CO2 emissions by over twenty tonnes a year.

Octopus Energy

Octopus are our grid energy supplier. 100% green electricity, with their Octopus Go tariffs having super-cheap rates in off-peak periods . Brilliant for charging EVs and domestic storage batteries.
Benefits: if you sign up to any Octopus tariff by using this link, you will save £50 off your bill. We will also save £50 off our electricity bill.

Not simply the best electric cars in the world (by a country mile), but, in our view, quite simply the best cars you can buy, full stop. Tesla also make the best domestic storage battery on the market, the Powerwall.

myenergi ltd make the exceptional zappi intelligent EV charger, which enables us to charge our electric car with only solar and/or off-peak electricity. They also make another rather wonderful device, the eddi intelligent immersion heater control, which enables surplus energy from your solar, wind or other microgeneration to be used for heating domestic hot water, thus saving mains energy, cost and carbon.

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More detail on the links

The Evergreen Energy link takes you to our heat pump supplier. Evergreen are one of the UK’s most innovative companies, working on a number ‘smart energy’ issues from domestic to National Grid scale that are absolutely key to enabling the transition to Net Zero Carbon. A key part of that transition is the installation of several million heat pumps, to radically decarbonise the heavily polluting domestic heating systems common in UK households. Not only have Evergreen developed core technologies to enable heat pumps to be operated intelligently without over-stressing the grid, they are amongst the most expert and experienced installers of heat pump systems in the UK.

Disclosure: Alan acts as a Strategic Adviser to Evergreen and may receive remuneration from the company for doing so. There is no direct correlation between any referral made by this website and any remuneration Alan may receive.

The Octopus Energy link takes you to our electricity supplier. They are a highly innovative UK business, who state “all our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources like sun, wind and water”. They have various ‘Time Of Use Tariffs’ (using the Octopus Go branding) that are particularly good for charging Electric Vehicles and static energy storage batteries, using very cheap off-peak grid energy.

We have found that an Octopus Go Tariff, combined with solar, allows us to fill up our car and domestic batteries for very little cost, and then to use the stored energy flexibly and intelligently when we need it.

Disclosure: if you sign up to any Octopus Energy tariff via the link provided, both you and we will receive £50 off our Octopus electricity bill.

The Tesla link, takes you to probably the most innovative company of the 21st Century. They make quite simply the best cars you can possibly buy: zero emissions; fully electric; massive range; game-changing digital connectivity and Autopilot functionality. And they go like a bat out of hell. And a Tesla will unlock shedloads of tax breaks for you. Our Model X was the tipping point for us. It is so good, we will never buy an internal combustion engine car ever again. And Tesla make the Powerwall domestic battery that is so crucial in enabling our home to run on super-green and super-cheap electricity.

Disclosure: if you buy a Tesla car by using this link, you may receive 1,000 miles of free charging at the Tesla supercharger network. We will be entered into a raffle for a (very slim) chance to win a Tesla car.

The myenergi link is provided as a courtesy.

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